You somehow find yourself in a rockstar’s walk-in wardrobe. From the beaten up cowboy boots, fringe and fur coats sprawled around and more Persian rugs you could possibly count, this moody, glamorous, gritty space is a destination store. Everywhere you look is a feast for the eyes, with pieces telling stories of places you’d only ever dreamed of setting your foot in before. A highly curated selection of pieces supplied by a collective of vintage fiends, a place to gather, explore and - above all - have a damn good time.

The story founded by Emma in June 2022, the Halcyon House of Vintage brings forward the best handpicked vintage with cuts, fabrics and craftsmanship that are timeless, easy to love and that become instant wardrobe staples. Emma loves all things vintage but has a particular sweet spot for cowboy boots, leather jackets, 60s and 70s psychedelic prints, natural fibers, Mid Century furniture and Persian rugs.